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ralph lauren polo I was early for a long time , and now I'm in a mound overgrown with trees , surrounded with endless expanse of Qingsha Zhang . I sat under a tree , write down my two decades.

One year old , I was born in Horseheads , long grandparents home , did not eat milk, milk live by , the body is not very healthy, often wet the bed . My uncle is my uncle two , Eryi Sanyi turns to hold large, when they are not married , so I enjoyed most of the family pet .

When two years old , I would have to walk the talk ralph lauren polo , do not drink milk , but still wet the bed .

Three years old , I became a grandmother village 's most famous naughty , and my children are not as big as I can be played .

Four, I kindergarten , and this year, I know there is a biological world is called: a girl. And from that , I can not go to the ladies room .

Five years old , I was on a year kindergarten, and it became the most influential child king . Since then, I do not hate school.

Six years old , I went to first grade, often test double hundred , became a glorious Young Pioneers , the whole school on the three of us , the principal flag for us to bring in a red scarf .

Seven years old , I went back to their homes , and left my grandmother , the year I feel the sky seemed to collapse.

Eight years old , my uncle became my math teacher , often beat me. That same year, I began to see novels, Jin Yong , Gu Long , ralph lauren polo Wo Lung Sheng Chen Qingyun , Li Liang see anything .

Nine years old , I was named outstanding student representatives on the grandmother went to school Chuang training camp and took a provincial outstanding students. This year is the most shining in my life when my most carefree period of time .

Old, fifth grade I , and know the bad news , I want the sixth grade .

Eleven years old , when it will be the end of the year ralph lauren polo , my father has confiscated my novels of a TV chassis . But this does not affect my studies, I took the test more than 260 junior high school exam . Heze in twenty-one to ask whether a call is willing to go to school in Heze city , I do not want to leave my grandma , so did not tell my parents .

Twelve years old , I registered the first secondary school enrollment in rural wells , this year, I gave up martial arts , began to look modern and contemporary writers. I do not understand , but are willing to look .

Thirteen years old , I was in my grandmother lived , because the junior high school on the study . I'm not very good learning , math is bad, but my physical and history very well. And this year, I learned how to swim .

The age of fourteen , the first feeling, feeling too good about graduation . Because many students will no longer go to school.

The age of fifteen , I was admitted to the Middle East that first . Is such a fall, I met my classmate , I liked her, but three years in high school did not chase her, because I heard she has a boyfriend .

Sixteen years old ralph lauren polo , I met in my life seen the worst of the worst language teacher and a teacher . So I called the liberal arts classes , quickly left them. This year, my brother rented a house on the outside , read a lot of fiction , to escape a lot of lessons learned to smoke .

Seventeen, my third , and every day is very confused , very depressed. I started running, nearly every morning to run ten miles , to ease the pain in my heart . It was found that wanted to go back to sleep to finish . Learning is getting worse , and later with a fight , and the others rib discount. My dad to take me home, and I do not say a word . I dropped out of school , and friends came to school , no one can go out together . Home I thought about suicide , but I counseled , and the respect of my family so I have a son . Later participated in the college entrance examination , entrance finished the third day, I reported the refresher classes, scores did not check .

Eighteen, I Caozhou martial arts review, I know Yongge ralph lauren polo , devils brother, Air , elephants , confident, Yasuko , ovo , Xiaoyu son, old girl, they treated me well . Before I thought that rural children and urban children will never intersect. While the third brother , Yongsheng , there are bright brother , Joe also . New Year back home , I began to chase her, in my review of the time, she has been acting as my spiritual pillar. We thus keeping more than a year .

Nineteen years old , I read in Jinan University , my spiritual support did not, I'm still alive . I began to pursue their own happiness . In addition to smoke outside I get rid of all the bad habits . I'm serious to learn to live seriously , seriously treat everyone I love everything . Although most of the time I own one ralph lauren polo , too lonely too , too lonely , too helpless , sad too , and even think of giving up their ideals , but the thought of my parents , my specious love, I have to bite the bullet came over.

Two -year-old hot summer unusual , but the fall is about to come, I'm home, says some of the ridiculous things , right when my two -year-old memorial.